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Accent Furniture
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Unexpected Delight

Accent:  A distinguishing style of expression:  A striking or prominent feature:  An object detail that lends emphasis as by contrast with that which surrounds it.

An accent piece of furniture should be an unexpected delight, make you smile and create conversation.  Accent furniture can be any piece of furniture, from a foot stool to an armiore, it just needs to lend contrast to what you already have in your home.  If you have a very contemporary or modern furniture style then a Vintage or Industrial piece will add nostalgic charm.  If wood stained furniture is the main attraction in your home a uniquely painted piece will warm your heart and your home all the while lending a hand to your color scheme.
Accent furniture pieces are not always about color or style, it can be using an unexpected piece where it isn't usually used. Instead of a nightstand next to a bed, use a low table or a desk if you have a high bed. Both provide a large surface in which to add more unexpected decorations.
Remember ACCENT is contrast and contrast can apply to shape, texture, style, color or era.  So put on your adventure hat and consider an accent piece to spruce up your decor.  Accent furniture is also a very inexpensive way to put a new spin on a room without having to buy a room full of new furniture. In our Sacramento furniture store you can let your imagination run wild.
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